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SoundOff Signal Universal Interior Dome Light

SoundOff Signal Universal Interior Dome Light

SoundOff Signal Universal Interior Dome Light
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Sometimes a product comes along that makes you think, “They really care about my safety.” Well, this is that type of product. SoundOff Signal’s interior Dome Lights are designed with YOU in mind. They wanted to reduce targeting and improve officer safety so they designed a light that casts a soft red glow which enables you to see inside your vehicle yet still allows you to see what’s going on outside. Their Dome Lights are universal surface mounts, which means you don’t have to cut out the headliner to install. Lights are available in LED or halogen technology and their new clear Fresnel lens offers a stylish sleek appearance. Lights may be ordered with or without Red LED Night Light option.


• Officer safety is their primary concern and they have developed a dome light with a Red LEDs Night Light option to reduce officer targeting. Red light allows your officers the ability to see outside their vehicle, so no one can creep up & surprise them from the shadows. Red LED light prevents eye fatigue while providing your officers with reliable interior lighting.

• Ten combinations cover all vehicle models & every lighting need.

• Great light for SUV tailgate/cargo lights & perfect for command vehicles.

• White Incandescent / Red LEDs dome light with white opaque lens. (White / Red LEDs with white opaque lens models available, contact us.)

• Universal surface mount easily & simply installs without requiring cutouts in headliner. (Crown Victoria, Impala, Magnum & Charger specific lights available, contact us.)

• 5 Year No Hassle Warranty on LED Dome lights.

• 1 Year No Hassle Warranty on Incandescent Dome lights.


• 12 VDC (24 VDC available, contact us).

• Incandescent: 740 mA

• LED: 12 volt 112-180 mA / 24 volt 40-60 mA.

• One incandescent bulb / 12 Red Generation 2 LEDs. (21 White / 12 Red Generation 2 LEDs for White / Red LEDs models.)

• -40º to +65º C.

• 6-3/16” (6.6 cm) Diameter x 1-1/2” (3.8 cm) Depth.
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