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WHELEN 2022 Strobe Beacons, Perm. Mount

WHELEN 2022 Strobe Beacons, Perm. Mount

WHELEN 2022 Strobe Beacons, Perm. Mount
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These low profile domes with double fresnel optic lenses provide superior visibility.


All 2000 Series Beacons offer the following standard features:

• All strobe power supplies are fully enclosed within the sturdy polycarbonate base itself for added protection against moisture and vibration.

• For added protection against the elements, all strobe power supplies are double dipped in a uniquely formulated silicone mixture before being secured into the base enclosure.

• All 2000 Series strobe beacons come standard with a base that allows for either external flange mount, internal "secure" mount, or pipe mount.

• Older style strobe beacons have been rendered obsolete as there is no longer a need for external hooks, base plates or inconvenient and expensive pipe adapter kits.

• All 2000 series strobe beacons are now equipped with the newest state-of-the-art single lens optics, to optimize their light output.

• All beacons utilize the same low and high domes for ease of interchangeability. (Contact us if you wish to order other than low dome.)

• Available in six colours: A=Amber, C=Clear, B=Blue, R=Red, G=Green and P=Purple.

• Easy access for modular parts replacement, making it unnecessary to remove the beacon from your roof.

• All Whelen "Value" 2000 Series strobe products offer a 3 year warranty on all strobe power supplies, and a 6 month warranty on all flashtubes.

• All models 12/24 VDC operation.

• Multiple flash patterns

• Low current consumption, reverse polarity protection.


• Class 1, SAE Certified Strobe Beacon (amber & clear only)

• Class 2, SAE Certified Strobe Beacon (red, blue & green)

• 22 watts output power.

• Manual Hi/Low intensity feature standard, automatic Hi/Low models available. (Contact us to order other than Standard.)

• "Flash-4" feature. All patterns standard in all beacons:
- QuintFlash: 72 FPM (default pattern)
- Double Flash: 115 FPM
- Modu-Flash: 150 / 370 / 150 variable FPM
- Action Flash: A unique combination of Quint & Single Flash
(To make a choice from the QuintFlash factory default pattern,
simply cut the specified jumper on the strobe power supply)

• 1.7 amps/12 VDC, 0.85 amps/24 VDC.

• Polycarbonate or cast aluminum base material. (Contact us to order other than polycarbonate base.)
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