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SHO-ME Traffic Guide Two Piece Amber Arrow Board

SHO-ME Traffic Guide Two Piece Amber Arrow Board

SHO-ME Traffic Guide Two Piece Amber Arrow Board
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The Traffic Guide Two Piece Arrow Board is especially useful for vehicles such as bucket trucks and other utility vehicles on which a One Piece Arrow Board would be difficult to install and operate.

The Two Piece Arrow Board directs oncoming traffic right, left, and both ways around a roadway obstruction. Using the caution mode, the 2 corner lamps of each arrow panel flash without indicating direction. The Board is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and its back panel neatly protects wiring and components. The Arrow Board comes standard with shock mounted, weather tight, sealed amber lamps. Threaded inserts in each arrow panel allow for a wide variety of mounting applications. The cab mounted Control Box, also constructed of durable aluminum, is easy to install and operate and has pilot lights which indicate the direction the Arrow Board is flashing.


• Constructed of heavy-gauge, epoxy-coated aluminum.

• Each panel measures 13” (33 cm) H x 24” (61 cm) W x 2½" (6.4 cm) D.

• Each panel has five 4” diameter shock mounted, weather sealed, 27 watts amber incandescent lamps.

• Lamps flash on/off approximately 60 FPM in four operational modes: right arrow, left arrow, double arrow and corner lamps.

• Each panel has 6 heavy duty threaded inserts to accommodate a wide variety of mounting applications.

• Each panel comes complete with a 15' (457 cm) pre-wired harness to connect it directly to the Control Panel.

• Mounting brackets sold separately. Available in Standard Mount (02.6210), Magnetic Mount (02.6220) or Flush Mount (02.6230). Contact us to order brackets.


• Durably constructed of aluminum.

• Measures 1¼" (3.2 cm) H x 6” (15.25 cm) W x 6¼" (15.9 cm) D.

• Mounting bracket included for easy mounting inside cab.

• Heavy duty toggle switches provide easy selection of operating mode.

• Modes of operation:
- Pass Right - five lamps in right panel flash.
- Pass Left - five lamps in left panel flash.
- Pass Both - five lamps in each panel flash.
- Caution - corner lamps in each panel flash without indicating direction.

• Pilot lamps indicate to operator which direction the arrow panels are flashing.

• Panel mounted 20 amp fuse.

• All wires provided for easy installation.

• All components are easy to service and readily available from the factory.


• 12 VDC.

• 4.3 lbs (2 kg) each panel.
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